Hacker Simulator 1.0

Practice one's computer skills without facing real-life repercussions

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    6.4 (77)

Hacker Simulator is a game for PC whose title says it all. Players step into the role of a professional hacker named Alex D, who programs software by day and puts this expertise to use at night with the computer virus Downadup.

Downadup is incredibly potent, having affected millions of computers around the world and undermining entire networks with nasty internet security breaches. This is where the story of Hacker Simulator beings. One night, going about routine as usual, Alex gets caught by the Duckman company, located in Germany, before the hack is completed. It turns out that Duckman has even bigger problems to worry about, as it's soon revealed that they're being accused of stealing documents from the United States military. They offer to keep Alex out of jail, provided Alex manages to prove their innocence in return.

Puzzles make up the bulk of the game, with missions revolving around solving them in order to unlock new areas of server to hack. The soundtrack is appropriate fitting for the game's atmosphere, but doesn't include many tracks and can quickly get repetitive. Graphics are also pretty fitting, resembling something out of the Matrix.

The gameplay and graphics are similar to the stuff seen in a similar game, Hacker Evolution, by Exosyphen Studios. Both games are also powered by the same engine, and players who've played Hacker Evolution before will probably be able to spot a number of similarities. Hacker Simulator has a great storyline, but doesn't offer much that's new or innovative for hacker simulation games as a whole. The puzzles encountered in the game are fun and challenging though, so it's definitely worth checking out.


  • Hacker Simulator has a strong, engaging plot that will keep players interested.
  • Puzzles are just challenging enough to remain fun throughout the course of the game.


  • The soundtrack can get repetitive quickly.

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